Jonathan Ferris

Burgerim is my favorite burger restaurant in Los Angeles! I eat here with my wife all the time. We tried all their burger flavors and are always ordering take out when we don’t have the time to eat in. I found out about Burgerim when they launched their grand opening party a few months ago. I work near by and noticed a line. I walked over during my lunch break and had the good fortune to try their duo and house fries. It was the best. Where else can you get gourmet burgers for about $10 in Los Angeles? My wife Lucy loves their salmon burgers. She doesn’t eat red meet and Burgerim offers chicken, salmon, and veggie burgers. I’m super grateful for this awesome burger joint. I recommend this place if you’re in the mood for quality hamburgers. Also try their house fries and onion rings, it’s delicious. The staff and management team are so nice and welcoming.

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