Los Angeles Photo Booth Rentals

Los Angeles Photo Booth Rentals

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Come one, come all to Photo Booth Media, an offshoot of Cliques Photo Booth.

Inquire about our special, get to know us offer, of a photo booth for only $299. Hurry as only three such booths are available on a daily basis, and they go quickly.

There are many reasons why a family, group of friends, charity, or corporate entity might want to rent a photo booth.

Photo Booths provide the ideal entertainment for parties of all sorts. It can be a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a bat mitzvah, an anniversary, a birthday party, or a holiday party for New Years, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Summer Camp, Back To School Day or evening, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. And that’s just the tip of the party iceberg. So if you are thinking of any of these events, call now and get an early bird discount. Don’t wait and get too close to the date. August is the ideal time to book for October and beyond.

Despite living in the age of the selfie, photo booths are still excellent entertainment. For after all, who in LA isn’t ready for his or her close-up with Mr. DeMille?

To begin with, we provide a crew to man, and woman, and your photo booth. Comprised of good-looking, young photographers, many of whom are daytime teachers, our multiracial, gender friendly crew will entertain your guests by posing them in the best lighting and joking with them until they are relaxed and happy and ready to have their images captured for immortality. Our crew will also relieve the party-giver of much anxiety. We at Los Angeles Photo Booth Rentals come early, and we stay late. We keep the early guests busy being photographed, and we help the late guests, who may even be ever so slightly inebriated, to have fun in a safe environment. We set up without fuss, and break down quietly at the very end of the event. It’s so easy to let us take care of you and your guests, why not call right now.