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Style Lend lets fashionistas glow in the glamour of high fashion with their wallets approval of course. It all started in 2013 where Style Lend won the Fashion and Technology hackathon competition. From their Style Lend Founder, Lona Alia Duncan was named Miss Silicon Valley by Andreesen Horowitz and went on to quench the desires of girls looking for a way to be the most fashionable possible while simultaneously banking on their fashion sense.

Emerged Style Lend, a service that lets like mined fashion lovers borrow and lend designer dresses with each other. Style Lend is a place where you can rent your dress to fashionable women and make money when it’s rented.

Style Lend is available currently only in the US with bonus perks for residents of San Francisco and New York. Here Style Lend users can use the convenient concierge service and have a gown delivered to their door within twenty four hours. Signing up for Style Lend is free, sign up and lend your dress to a girl looking for the glam you discovered.

You’ve had many amazing memories in your dress and sharing them with someone else while still maintaining ownership of the outfit/dress is what Style Lend is all about. You may have thought about consign, but with Style Lend you have the opportunity to rent out to multiple girls. Rental period with Style Lend is seven days and girls could even select 1 back up dress to come with their order. It’s really a win win for the fashion savvy girl looking for the gem in her style!

lace dress Style Lend borrow and lend designer dresses

Parker Black and White Palms Dress Lend and Borrow the dress NYC San Francisco

WeddingMini2 Style Lend Borrow Dresses NYC San Francisco

Style Lend Borrow Designer dresses NYC

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