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Nailuv polish is the perfect way to get a gel manicure at home. Because sometimes you want to skip the salon, but don’t want to skip the nail love you have for gorgeous beautiful at home nails. Nailuv brings you a color for every occasion and a style that finishes with a smooth shine everytime.

Sometimes it’s hard to apply, reapply and continue; this is where the gel manicure slides perfect with the glamour girl who loves her nails and time! This salon free gel manicure comes in a variety of forms. Nailuv polish provides collections and kits for manicured fingers. The 9 piece gel manicure at home kit comes complete with everything you need to create a perfect gel manicure.

What does one need for a gel manicure?

Bonder, nail polish, and an LED light for fast, gorgeous minutes in roughly 10 minutes. Be timely, be glamorous and be on par with nail accessories for the manicure that every girl dreams of.

Welcome to salon free gel manicures!

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