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Stubborn Male Breasts in the Fit Man by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin

Men may strive for a perfect chest through diet and exercise only to learn the hard way that male breasts don’t obey your wishes. Breast tissue is resilient. It simply won’t fluctuate like fat with changes in weight. This is a frustrating position since there exists no physical regimen, magic potion or pills, or herb or food that can reduce male breasts. And the more padding from breast tissue (or fat) over the muscle, the less definition one will ultimately possess. Hours of hard work in the gym remain hidden.

Moreover, in certain t-shirts (generally composed of light cotton), the nipple may be overtly visible as looking “puffy” making the problem even more troubling. Hidden muscle from hard work is one thing. Female looking breast buds peaking through a t-shirt on a date is a whole different animal that can range from a mild embarrassment to socially traumatizing. It may even deter men from wearing certain shirts or removing their tops at a pool or beach.

Understand that male breasts are indeed breasts. All men have breast tissue including fit men with three percent body fat. The good news is that enlarged male breast tissue is almost always benign in nature. It is almost never a health concern. At least physically. The psychological effects can most certainly be malignant, generating feelings of insecurity or femininity. That’s the bad news.

In fit men who have puffy nipples, the most effective solution is surgical excision of the excess tissue below the areola. While the thought of surgery may be a major turn off for men, the surgery itself is rather easy, safe, and permanent. The entire procedure avoids any anatomy where one may find important nerves or vessels. And in fact, the entire surgery is a surface operation. The dissection remains just below the skin and remains above the muscle.

For those who fear general anesthesia, local anesthesia options exist that are safe and effective. Imagine having your “problem” fixed while awake listening to your favorite station on Pandora.

The incisions for male breast reduction are well hidden and become virtually invisible over time. After surgery, a tight vest is worn for up to four weeks to help “mold” the chest and keep swelling to a minimum. By four to six weeks, one can return to the gym to start putting in some time that is finally going to really pay off by allowing your ripped muscles to sit flat against a shirt eliminating the protruding puffy nipple.

Male Breast Reduction

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