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Lakers blogger Anne Cohen writes “The Scoop” on the latest Los Angeles Lakers games. A Chicago transplant, Anne moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 and discovered a passion for basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers. Creating her blog in 2014, Anne has been central in expressing herself through creative writing, well-being, and photography. Ascending her blog to sports media analysis, specifically writing about the Los Angeles Lakers, Anne has become an asset on delivering the latest unofficial basketball report of her favorite team, the LA Lakers.

She dives in to report the statistics, game play, highlights and pretty much anything else noteworthy on her blog. Anne Cohen writes “The Scoop”, a personal Los Angeles Lakers blog posting in a broad spectrum of game play, including player highlights, individual statistics, analysis and personal opinions on team management, on and off the court.

Anne’s blog extends far beyond what a conventional personal blog offers. She envisions herself as a lifestyle personality committed to expressing herself through pictures, poetry, and creative writing and connecting with Lakers fans by staying up to date with the latest games through her series she labeled “The Scoop”.

With her regular blog posts on “The Scoop”, Anne Cohen is looking at establishing her series “The Scoop” among the many talented sports media commentators and Lakers post game analysts, bringing her insights and commentary to the Lakers fans and sports masses. By utilizing her love for the game, she leverages her keen insights and opinions to ensure her honest representation on the latest games.

You can subscribe to her latest posts by following her blog on Facebook and Twitter.

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