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Jill Dictrow is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in both Manhattan Beach and Westwood. With a sincere desire to help people achieve their full potential in their relationship, sex life, family life, as well as on an individual basis, Jill treats individuals as she uniquely caters to each of their needs. She’s a native New Yorker whose made Los Angeles her home for the past 24 years; and holds two Masters Degrees, one in Television and Radio from the New School of Social Research and the second is a Masters of Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Los Angeles. Passion number one, psychology: a means to help people realize their budding possibilities and improve quality moments and maintain a pro-active lifestyle.

A dynamic personality with a flair for film, media, and social psychology. Jill started out working as an associate television producer for radio personality and LCSW, Marilyn Kagan, producing the Marilyn Kagan Show.

Jill is inquisitive and is always in a venture to find new ways to inspire people and help them get through certain life moments. When she first got divorced over 14 years ago, she searched for inspirational stories from other divorced women, and came up with little to nothing. So in an effort to connect with woman going through a similar situation, Jill started her own column called “Mother May I?” for a writers website called www.prettywitty.com

The column gained widespread recognition and shortly afterwards, Jill was contacted by an editor of an erotica website and was asked if she’d be interested to write an article. Always up for new excitement, Jill agreed. This was the beginning of Jill’s authorship. Since being approached to write the first article, she went on to write erotic fiction, selling her short stories to AmiraPress, Oysters & Chocolate, and Justus Roux’s Erotica’s tales. An accomplished writer, Jill co-wrote and co-executive produced a two woman play titled “Dial Logs” at the Complex Theater in Hollywood, California.

What distinguishes Jill from other Marriage, Family and Sex therapist is her realistic views and ability to treat with an open mind. She gives the client opportunities to really blossom into the vision that is most pro-active.

In addition Jill is also very dynamic and has achieved a lot of recognition in her role as a sex and relationship therapist. She was able to combine her television background and her therapeutic experience to host a TV show for Discovery life called “Sex In Public.” Jill went undercover in the most unsuspecting places to get real people to open up about their sex lives. And they do!

If your looking for a therapist that is a recognized specialist in the field, distinguished, and comes with the type of expertise necessary to bridge success, then Jill will get you talking.

It’s necessary to open up and began that dialogue that is so poignant in therapy.

Schedule a Treatment session with Jill Dictrow, LMFT Lic#97449

She has 2 office locationsYou can reach her at 310-294-7773

3201 N.Sepulveda Blvd Ste.D
Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266

1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd. Ste 4B
los Angeles, Ca 90025

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jill Dictrow Marriage and Family Therapist LA




Jill Dictrow Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles

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Jill Dictrow Marriage and Family Therapist Los Angeles

Jill Dictrow Marriage and Family Therapist in LA


“I had a few issues I needed to work through, but the idea of seeing a therapist was just crazy. I knew I wasn’t crazy and the last thing I needed was to have someone treat me like I was. Over the years things just compounded until I reached my breaking point this year. I finally called Jill fully expecting that she could not help, especially not over the phone. The last 3 months have proven me wrong consistently as we addressed the “little quirks” that I have been avoiding. Things have improved so much at home and work. I wish I called sooner.”




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3201 N.Sepulveda Blvd Ste.D Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266 1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd. Ste 4B los Angeles, Ca 90025

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