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Does every spice really have a spicy story? Spiceologist does and that’s because a seasoned Chef and a Food Blogger with a knack for photography and cultivating the visual is giving cooking a spice to run after.

Cooking is an art and Spiceology rubs gives you the upper hand in creating dishes that are both seasoned and perfectly paired to enhance taste with an aroma unique to Spiceologist cooking.

Head on over to the Spiceologist website to peruse rubs, spices, and recipes by co-founder Heather Scholten, writer of Farmgirl Gourmet. If there’s one truth about cooking, there’s a discovery phase where you unleash different combinations of ingredients/spices to give it that “ahha” kick leaving you with a taste in your mouth that begs for just a little more!

A perfect combination of foodies: Pete Taylor and Heather Scholten have teamed up to bring you to a new level of spices! Just the sound of the spice names is enough to get the creative kitchen juices flowing: Smokey Honey Habanero, Greek Freak, or Thai Peanut. If you never imagined that you could possibly cook Thai in the comfort of your home; think again, with Spiceologist by your side, the possibilities are endless.

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