Oren Loni’s Words of Wisdom Benefit all Franchise Business Owners

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By business standards, Oren Loni is still a newcomer, but since becoming the President of the Burgerim franchise group in the U.S.A. which has locations all over California, including Bakersfield, Auburn, Montclair, and Los Angeles.

Oren Loni says Never Lose Your Passion

No one knows better than Oren Loni just how valuable an asset passion is.

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When meeting with individuals who wish to purchase a Burgerim franchise, he’s quick to explain how it was his passion for burgers and the idea that Americans would embrace the concept of a burger joint that sold gourmet burgers that kept him going whenever things got tough. When others told him he was making a mistake, that the first American Burgerim would fail before its first year, Oren Loni looked within himself for the confidence and courage needed to keep forging ahead.

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When meeting with prospective franchise owners, Oren Loni wants to know that they’re every bit as passionate about the restaurant business as he is. If they’re not, if they’re only there because they think that Burgerim looks like a sound investment, he urges them to explore other opportunities, to find something they believe in as much as he believes in Burgerim. For those who love burgers as much as he does, he is a beacon of support.

There’s nothing Oren Loni enjoys more than helping aspiring business owners follow their passion and build a thriving business, whether that business is connected to Oren Loni or not.

Oren Loni Wants you to Believe in Yourself

From the moment you start looking for a business to invest in, Oren Loni wants you to believe that you have the ability to succeed. He wants you to hold tight to this belief no matter what the business world throws your way. Like passion, this steadfast belief not only helps you weather the difficult patches. One of the great side effects of being in possession of an unshakeable belief in yourself is that it passes on to other people, and before you know it, they also believe you’ll achieve everything you set your mind to.

Oren Loni says Think Before Posting

In this world of social media and quick sound bites, people frequently say the first thing that comes to mind. More often than not, this habit of making what might seem like an off the cuff comment has led to serious repercussions.

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Oren Loni knows this and wants all established and aspiring business owners to take a step back and really think about the impact and potential far reaching consequences a Tweet or Facebook post can have, not just the person sending the comment out into the cyberworld will impact you and those you love, but also your business. It only takes a single ill-considered comment being unleashed on the internet to ruin a reputation that you’ve spent your entire life building, and in the business world, a good reputation is worth its weight in gold.

Good luck with your business endeavors.

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