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Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

The first few days of a Newborns life are exciting fun moments for both the parents and baby. While the parents are discovering parenthood, the baby is discovering life and during these moments images are captured! Love Me Silly Photography captures moments  of baby and childhood photography in Los Angeles.


By now you’ve probably had a chance to view our collection of newborn portraits? If you are thinking of reserving a newborn session with our studio, or already have done so, this page will help you properly prepare for your session.

What makes a newborn portrait special is the unique piece of art we are able to create for your family. The images you see on our website are created due to not only the creativity of our photography, but also the preparation of the parents.

We hope this page will help prepare you for your newborn photo session. Please pick up the phone and call us with any questions you may have.  We love talking and helping our clients achieve best photo-shoots possible.

Newborn portraits are best done when created within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s birth. If the baby and mom are doing well, we prefer to photograph in the first week. During this first week, the baby is still very sleepy and we can mold them and put them into all the adorable poses that families have grown to love.

If you are planning on doing your newborn portrait with us, please call us to let us know your due date. We leave time in our schedule around your due date to ensure we can schedule your session. As soon as that baby is born, have someone call us to get on our calendar to reserve a spot that week.

If you need some ideas or want to brainstorm, please don’t hesitate to call. Some of the most amazing newborn portraits I have created were conceptualized during a conversation with my clients.



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