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We, at, invented the first of it’s kind mobile dressing room app. We have hundreds of thousands downloads and thousands of users daily worldwide.

Everything on My Cool App is done from your phone, instantly try on your favorite tops, dresses, skirts, outfits to have instant gratification! See how your favorite celeb looks, look on you now. It’s fun, and conveniently right at your fingertips all the time.

My Cool App gives you the luxury of fashion instantly with your own personal dressing room app. That’s right, that moment when you solely fantasize about trying on the cool runway look you just saw on instagram is here. My Cool App makes virtually dressing yourself easy by allowing you to try on a variety of looks, as you discover your style, what works, and what should be left on the hangers.

It’s as easy as…. well you try it out and see!

Just download the app, upload a picture of yourself and start trying on looks from some of your favorite retailers. Online shopping should be a breeze!

Lets cut out the way you think the outfit is going to look on, and see how it actually looks before ordering it! Shopping Made Fun

Also you could experiment with looks, you may have thought weren’t your style and just have fun playing with different fashion ideas! This is your cool look, and My Cool App gives you style defined by your sense of taste.

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Dressing Room App lets your try on clothes from your phone

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