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Burgerim’s founder Oren Loni has set the standard for fast casual dining. It’s appeal is iconic and enjoyed internationally for its high quality ingredients and gourmet mini burgers. These burgers are considered to be the best in Montclair, CA by the local residents and burger lovers. Burgerim has the privilege of serving the Montclair community of up to 16 flavorful burgers at a price point the locals agree with.  The most popular order is the duo, trio, and the party box. The party box consists of 16 burgers, any way you want it!

Whether you’re in the mood for some lamb, chicken, salmon, beef, or spicy beef, you can customize your order in any way you crave. The flavorful taste of gourmet burgers is what put Burgerim on the map, and its variety is what keeps the locals coming back for more. Burgerim makes it easy to order your food online for take-out and/or delivery. Burgerim has Implemented a mobile app for an easy user experience on the website. Motivated to deliver a comfortable customer experience every day. This is what makes Burgerim the world’s leading fast-food casual burger restaurant.

Best Burgers in Montclair

Establishing a place for locals as the best burgers in Montclair, CA is not an easy task. Fueled with passion and love of burgers, Oren Loni, president of Burgerim HQ cultivated a menu and atmosphere for burger lovers, everywhere. It takes a lot of market research, high quality ingredients, amazing customer service, and a product the locals really want. By delivering a burger that tastes great and a dining experience fit for anyone, Burgerim effectively positioned itself as a premier casual places to eat burger restaurant.


It seems as if every day people encounter choices to make, including places to eat. Lunch and dinner is a central component for people’s lives, and eating food that’s enjoyable is important. Why choose a place to eat that’s bland and not exciting when you can indulge in flavorful burgers? Variety is exciting and meant to be enjoyed. At Burgerim, choosing more than one burger for your meal provides extra comfort. Essentially, customers not missing out on the amazing flavors the franchise offers.

Combining a lamb burger with a classic cheeseburger at the same price point (compared to other casual fast-food restaurants) gives the customer an extra sense of satisfaction. At Burgerim, the aim is to constantly get the WOW! With every bite.

The burgers truly offer something for everyone. Here, at Burgerim’s Montclair location, people can enjoy a lamb burger, classic bacon beef burger, a salmon burger, and even a sunny side up (egg) burger all in the same meal. There’s a variety of flavors and toppings that go with every type of mini burger. From the duo box to the party box, there’s a burger that will ‘hit’ the hunger spot, every day of the week.

Burgers on Point

Elegant and appealing, Burgerim’s burgers are always on point! Making a name as the best burgers near me among the burger aficionados of Montclair, CA. You’ll find a classic menu offering starters, sandwiches, side dishes, salads, kid’s meal, desserts, and of course drinks (which include beer and wine).

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This burger focused international burger chain does a lot with variety and flavor, from chicken wings to burgers to salads. You can also find all-American classic flavors; whatever your heart desires. Flavor, texture, and variety is what does most of the ‘heavy lifting’ in offering the best burgers in Montclair. A mostly mini burger focused restaurant destination in Montclair, Burgerim is an absolute place to eat ‘hot spot’ for any true burger fan. Open lunch through dinner and late nights, this burger chain restaurant offers traditional burger favorites, while also offering super tasty flavors like merguez and wagyu beef burgers.

Our address

9359 Central Ave. Montclair, CA 91763
34.0842278, -117.68912799999998
(909) 399-0009

Opening Hours

11AM - 10PM
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 10PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 11PM
11AM - 10PM

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2016-10-04 20:20:33
It's not often I leave a burger restaurant with a huge smile on my face. This was my first time eating here with my girlfriend. we are always looking for the best places to eat around our neighborhood. I literally enjoyed every bite of my order. I ordered the trio with some onion rings. I'm usually not as dramatic about my dinner, especially when I'm eating right next to my girlfriend. I keep telling her that I'll start a food blog, but instead I write reviews of my favorite places to eat and not eat. So here I am now, writing a 5 star review for Burgerim, because this place sells the best burgers. There's a few places I've tried that compares to Burgerim, but at this price point, I choose Burgerim any day of the week. Their gourmet burgers taste like it should cost $10 a burger. I wanted to try something new so I ordered the lamb burger, a cheeseburger, and a salmon burger. All three burgers were juicy, flavorful, and fresh tasting. I don't usually eat lamb or fish, but I decided to change things up. They also serve beer as well which is a huge plus in my book. The food is delicious, the restaurant is clean and trendy, and the people are all nice. I'm very pleased with my experience and I'll be coming back for more.
Michelle M.
2016-10-04 19:34:08
Ask for the Lamb burger and Wagyu burger at Burgerim. I absolutely consider this burger joint my favorite place to eat. I take my kids here all the time, since it opened. You have to try their original house fries as well. Burgerim offers the perfect balance of quality gourmet burgers, fresh sides, like fries or onion rings and has one of the coolest soda machines in Montclair. I recommend this place. It's definitely a 5 star fast casual burger restaurant.
2016-09-30 12:27:23

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