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Just about every Burger Lover in Los Angeles tried Burgerim’s mini-burgers at least once since it opened its doors on Western and Melrose Ave. The Burgerim name means ‘many burgers’ in Hebrew, hence the franchise burger chain’s concept was born in Israel. Headed by Oren Loni who’s passionate about quality burgers; it’s his vision to offer the best burgers in Los Angeles. The burger chain first established its concept internationally and made its way to the lovely city of Angels. Appealing to the L.A. food scene, Bugerim took the hamburger experience to the next level.

Options and quality ingredients in food is what appeals most to the L.A. burger scene! Burgerim knows that two burgers is better than one, and three is better than two. With a simple concept of offering variety: the menu concept took off and its rock n’ rolling 7 days a week. Many foodies in this part of town know that a burger is more than just a meat patty, lettuce, tomatoes, and a bun. A burger needs to be juicy, have texture, filling, and taste great.


Beyond the burger craze that the Los Angeles food scene have been craving, the Burgerim franchise also offers assortment of drinks, like wine, beer, and of course soda (from the state-of-the-art soda machine).  The menu options consist of their perfect duo, trio, and their legendary party pack (consisting of 16 mini-burgers). Can you take on the Party Pack challenge? A few Angelinos have attempted to put down a Party Pack, and didn’t come close to half. Yep! It’s that filling.

Best Burgers in LA

You know what makes a Best Burger in LA a top choice for burger aficionados. It’s usually summed up like this: the texture, the taste, and the overall experience. An old phrase many locals say: “why eat a burger when you can eat a steak”? haven’t tried Burgerim’s mini-burgers, yet. Quality ingredients and the love that go into every burger is what makes this fast-food restaurant shine among the saturated burger chain competition. A delicious juicy burger is what this burger chain offers, day-to-day.


Make it a date to come down to the best burger restaurant in their Melrose location sometime this week. Come with your friends, partner, or with family. Here, you can relax, enjoy the vibe, have a drink, and converse over interesting current events. Burgerim is a great place to indulge in some fine food and drinks. You can even make a great first impression on a date. Variety is a conversation piece and the more options you have, the more curious you’ll be in determining your favorite flavor.

If you’re attaining status on your taste for food, you must come down to Burgerim with your foodie friends. Los Angeles is one of the most populous city in the world, primary for food. L.A. is home to a fast-food restaurant culture that rivals other notable cities in the USA. Along with the city’s assorted mixture of cultures – including one the largest population of burger lovers – all contribute to a vibrant hamburger scene.

Gourmet Burgers Near you

The rest of L.A. is taking note that the gourmet food scene is dominating as a premier place to go for lunch or dinner. In many ways, a good lunch can make or break a person’s day; so make sure to treat yourself with some of the finest burgers in town. Burgerim, located on Melrose Ave., just a 6 minute drive from Hollywood and a quick 10 minute drive coming from Los Feliz, is an elegant fast-food restaurant.

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5001 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
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2017-01-16 15:19:55
This place probably serves the best burgers in all of Los Angeles. I totally love the concept of more than one burger at a time. Mini burgers are better than regular burgers and I get full after my first bite. It's deliciousness at Burgerim!! I come with my boyfriend all the time and share. He loves their lamb burger -- I prefer their salmon option :)
Jonathan Ferris
2016-10-04 13:38:19
Burgerim is my favorite burger restaurant in Los Angeles! I eat here with my wife all the time. We tried all their burger flavors and are always ordering take out when we don't have the time to eat in. I found out about Burgerim when they launched their grand opening party a few months ago. I work near by and noticed a line. I walked over during my lunch break and had the good fortune to try their duo and house fries. It was the best. Where else can you get gourmet burgers for about $10 in Los Angeles? My wife Lucy loves their salmon burgers. She doesn't eat red meet and Burgerim offers chicken, salmon, and veggie burgers. I'm super grateful for this awesome burger joint. I recommend this place if you're in the mood for quality hamburgers. Also try their house fries and onion rings, it's delicious. The staff and management team are so nice and welcoming.
2016-09-30 12:27:50
Arthur M
2016-09-18 15:57:44
I ordered the trio and I can honestly say these are the best burgers in LA. I was very shocked how good the burgers was. I recommend this place for anyone that's in the mood for some quality food that won't break the bank. I was surprised how good these burgers taste. I love trying new eateries and Burgerim was on the list. I just came here about 2 hours ago and I have only great things to say. The flavor is really good. I had their fries and onion rings and I felt like I was in Heaven. I am a real foodie and my friends and I love trying new spots. It's awesome how it's on Melrose Ave too. Love this location! Parking was easy to find and the atmosphere is really nice. I think it's amazing that you're able to order sandwiches, two burgers or three burgers at a time. That's a new concept for me and it works!! These burgers are not sliders; they're way bigger and It's delicious. Everyone should stop by and try their delicious mini burgers. I will definitely be coming here again!

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