I reached out to Jeffrey about a year ago when I discovered that I need local SEO Services. He was the third SEO specialist I spoke with, and after the consultation I immediately decided to have him run my website’s SEO. I hired him with a few reservations, namely a concern that I’m wasting money if this doesn’t work. The concern was nowhere near I thought it would be. I didn’t see results within the first two months, but he explained from the beginning that it will take a little longer because of general competition I’m ranking for. The only way I can describe my progress was the day’s felt longer than usual. It was kind of annoying at first because I kept checking on Google. I needed see if I was getting my money’s worth. Seeing my website appear on the front page of Google after 3 months was incredible to say the least. I checked immediately when I received 3 calls back to back within a 15 minute stretch early Tuesday morning. The best part about Jeffrey’s SEO Services is that it feels like it’s on cruise control now. My organic and local listing consistently stay on the top of Google’s search engine. I’m expanding my business operations because of the helpfulness of Jeffrey. To anyone worried about hiring an SEO consultant like Jeffrey, don’t be. He will get you ranked and you’ll benefit from all his hard work. He cares about his clients, and with my experience I’m extremely happy with his results. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs basic SEO to complex and competitive SEO, and web development. He’s affordable compared to the other L.A. SEO guys and actually delivers as he says he would. I learned a lot in the process and I can say with confidence that you would to.

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