Jackie L.

We did a major kitchen remodel entirely gutting the kitchen and demolishing walls in our old home to bring together a few spaces and give us a larger kitchen and more open floor plan.

We took our time vetting contractors and even spoke to a few architectural firms. In the end, we came back around to Joel and Company. Joel was detail-oriented, direct and honest from the start which is invaluable. All projects of this scope take time, cost more than anyone would like and mistakes are inevitably made. Joel and his crew addressed mistakes made promptly, were accommodating to our needs consistently and above all left us with an amazing new kitchen and home that months later still brings a smile to our face when we walk in the front door. Nothing is perfect, but from my experience and the stories I have endured from friends and family, it does not get much better than Joel and Company, specifically Joel and his crew. We were very demanding and hands-on throughout the project and Alex balanced meeting our expectations, giving us what we asked for and giving us his opinion when he felt we were going in the wrong direction.

On cost, we found that Eden was not the cheapest but not the most expensive. I would be very surprised if you can find a team of the same caliber, doing the same quality work for less though.

For our next remodel, I’d call Joel up without hesitation. Thank you Joel!

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